​Vile Kyle has last laugh over Sackers

Comment from Peter Saxon. Along with his adoring fans, Kyle Sandilands also has his fair share of detractors – not least of which, the good folk who operate the SackVileKyle site. Remember them?

They, along with some 35,000 petitioners on change.org, were determined to have Kyle sacked after making his now infamous remarks regarding;

1. A 14 year old rape victim:
2. A News Ltd journalist and
3. A deformed Ethiopian baby.

To hurry things along, they threatened to never again buy the goods and services of 2Day’s clients if they didn’t pull their advertising off the station. Many did. The station suffered millions in losses.

Well, it’s taken a couple of years, but Kyle Sandilands has finally left the 2Day FM building. So, why aren’t his detractors celebrating?

As I said at the time, If you got rid of Kyle, another one would pop up in his place. If SCA didn’t replace him with a clone then some other clever content director at another station will identify the gap in the market and hire Kyle or a Kyle equivalent at their station.”

Now Kyle and Jackie O have bobbed up at KIIS FM on more money, their audience intact. They are, as they say, laughing all the way to the bank, leaving their former employer to deal with the fallout from the social media boycott campaign and the licence conditions imposed by the ACMA.

Fact is, Kyle’s no worse for wear. He’s arguably better off with the unintended leg up provided by the well meaning but misguided folk at Sack Vile Kyle.

SVK organisers have not replied to our request for comment.

 Peter Saxon


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