​Who knew he could sing?

Michael Whittington (Whitto) has only been the Mornings announcer at Star FM Wagga Wagga for six months but he’s wasted no time getting on stage and opening his pipes to raise money for local charities.

When Whitto was first asked to be a part of singing event he kept one thing a secret – the fact that he can actually sing. His act alone ended up raising more than $16,000 for a local charity near to his and his fiancés heart called The Leisure Company. Whitto’s soon to be brother in law has a rare disability and attends a place just like The Leisure Company that provides recreation, work and life skills for people with a disability.

Every year in Wagga (apparently locals are allowed to shorten it, but city folk can’t), 12 local celebrities are teamed up with 12 local singers to take part in “Wagga Wagga Takes 2” and do their part to raise as much money as they can.

The event is hosted and part organised by 2WG Wagga Wagga’s breakfast host and Content Director, Duncan Potts. This year the event with the help of Star FM and 2WG, raised more than $178,000 dollars for local charities and is set to raise over a million dollars in its short 10 year history. The event has proven to be so successful that other towns nearby have started their own versions of the show.


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