18 year olds don’t have clock radios next to their beds anymore

SCA’s Dave Cameron explains the significance of the new Shazam Top 20 show.


SCA has launched the new Shazam Top 20 evening show across the Today network, but it is more than a new show, it is a strategic move by Austereo to reach young listeners through the device they use most, their smart phone.

We spoke to Dave Cameron to learn more about it.

radioinfo: What’s the benefit for SCA in this new show?

Cameron: It’s a genuinely new show built around smart phones. We are working with the world’s biggest music discovery brand, so the alignment is perfect.

The countdown will be built from songs Shazamed by Australians over the past 24 hours. Music fans will be able to directly influence what is played from their smartphones. Interviews and client messages will also be powered by the app.

radioinfo: It seems that smart phones are putting radio back into people’s pockets again. Is this what you’re aiming for?

Cameron: I don’t remember the last time I saw a radio next to an 18 year old’s bed. They don’t listen to radio through the radio any more, they listen through their smartphones. It’s not just in their pockets, it’s anywhere they are.

Shazam is used by hundreds of millions of people around the world, and 8 million here in Australia. Combined with our reach of 10 million people this gives us a huge audience for the show and more audience engagement and interactivity.

radioinfo: The show will go nationally across the Today Network weeknights from 7pm, hosted by Angus O’Loughlin and Ash London. Angus has been in this timeslot for a while now. How are they going?

Cameron: Angus has been hosting The Bump for over a year. He has a real head for music and has built great relationships with artists. Ash is one of our most exciting new music presenters, she’s been part of Take 40 with Angus for about 6 months. The two have fantastic chemistry.


radioinfo: A while ago you had another night show hosted by Mel and MC. Since we’re talking to you today and Mel is speaking in London about the prank call, I can’t let you go without asking if you have any comment on what Mel Greig has said at the UK RadioFestival.

Cameron: Mel no longer works for us. She is free to talk about whatever she wants to talk about. I have nothing to add to what Rhys Holleran has said previously.

radioinfo: It’s a big week for SCA. You are also putting the SAFM name to rest. Any hints on what the new name will be for our readers?

Cameron: There’s been lots of speculation about the name. We’re building something new and exciting for Adelaide, the excitement is about to burst, but you’ll have to watch this space ’cause I can’t tell you now, sorry.


Just to tease us a little more about the name, SCA appears to have registered a range of internet and business names, including ‘Hit’ and ‘Jack.’ Will one of these be the name chosen, or will it simply be Today FM?

radioinfo’s Peter Saxon will be in Adelaide tomorrow and will update readers on the latest developments about SAFM as they emerge.



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