I though it would be easy… it wasn’t. Brenno got me there: Alan Jones

Launching John Brennan’s biography today, Alan Jones acknowledged Brenno’s “remarkable contribution to Australian life.”

He told guests at the launch that Brenno has the gratitude and respect of so many people in the Australian media, but more than respect, he is “universally loved” for his humility and his dedication to helping his colleagues achieve success.

“Not just the stars, but he helped anyone who needed it. When there was a new recruit in the newsroom he would take them aside and tell them how things were done. When the middawn announcer needed help, he would set his alarm for midnight and then go in and work with them,” Jones told guests at the launch.

Brennan’s book, Brenno The Life and Times of a Media Godfather‏, published by New Holland, tells the story of an amazing life and influential career.

Brenno spent more than 60 years in the radio industry – first as an on-air announcer in Country NSW, then as a ground-breaking Top 40 DJ at 2SM at the height of the rock and roll explosion; a flawless sports broadcaster on TV and radio in the 1970s and 1980s, he was later the program director behind talkback radio at No.1 stations 2UE and 2GB in the 1990s and 2000s.

In the book Brenno outlines the secrets of his success, with breakout chapters from many of his contemporaries who highlight his achievements. During his career he guided the careers of many of the top names in Australian Radio – Mike Walsh and the pioneering ‘Good Guys’ team on 2SM in the early 1960s; Gordon Elliott, Mike Gibson and and Rod Muir in the 1970s; John Stanley, Brian Bury and Ron Casey in the 1980s – and discovered such talent such as Alan Jones, Stan Zemanek, Peter Overton and Suzy Yates, and gave Ray Hadley his big break as a talk personality away from sport

Speaking at the launch Jones recognised Brenno’s decency, humanity, his strong Catholic beliefs and his love for his family.

After thanking Jones for the kind words Brenno acknowledged his wife’s support during his career and while writing the book. He also acknowledged his children, including Peter Brennan, who has been program director at all three of Sydney’s talk stations, 2GB, 2UE and ABC702, during his own radio career. Brenno also acknowledged his other son Richard, who is a doctor in Liberia currently treating Ebola patients and setting up a school for orphans in that country. Proceeds from the book will be donated towards the establishment of that school and orphanage.

Brenno talked about his previous career ambitions, to be a priest or a footballer, but said he was glad he settled on a career in the radio industry. “I’m overwhelmed and gratified for the support,” he said, thanking people for coming to the launch.

The launch venue, Gallon restaurant in Sydney’s Pyrmont, was full with media colleagues who came to celebrate Brenno’s contribution to Australian media and recognise the book that chronicles his long and successful career. Guests included:

Alan Jones, Ben Fordham

Ray Hadley
Jason Morrison
radioinfo’s Steve Ahern

Peter Overton, Peter Brennan, Stuart Bocking, Sandy Aloisi, Mark Spurway, Jessica Rowe

John Stanley, Tony Moltzen

View Alan Jones’ comments on Brenno’s career at today’s launch.


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