2AY’s Andy Walker retires

2AY broadcaster and newsreader Andy Walker has signed off after a career spanning close to fifty years.

On his final morning on air in Albury withwith Kylie and Kev, Andy explained how he got his start in radio at 2AY in the mid-1970’s.

“I auditioned with Laurie Henry who was the breakfast announcer and program manager. I bought my tape up, we sat in his office and he listened to it. He looked at me and said ‘right, I think we can work on that, but I see you play football…. so he said ‘you’ve got the job and you’re playing for North Albury this weekend.”

Andy also reflected on his career highlights, including hosting a Sunday program Swap Shop, where listeners would call in to offer goods for sale.

“I’ve had so much fun with the audience over the years,” Andy said.

“I’ll never forget when Geoffy from Wodonga called in. He said ‘I have two antique tea cups that are about 100 years old.’ I said, ‘wow, exactly what date were they made?’

“He said, ‘I’ll just have a look’ and as he twisted the cup around, you could hear some smashing in the background. When he came back onto the phone, he said “I have one antique tea cup for sale, with a spare saucer.”

Kev told Andy, “there was only one thing that got us more phone calls in this studio this week and that was an earthquake. So you leaving is as big a news story as an earthquake.”