2CH freshens up its website

Macquarie Radio Network second metro station 2CH 1170 has unveiled its revamped website designed to connect with its audience via a user friendly interface @ www.2CH.com.

“The essence of 2CH is the great music that has been the soundtrack to a generation; from The Beatles and Billy Joel, to the Bee Gees, and Fleetwood Mac, listeners tune in regularly to hear these favourites.

We wanted to give listeners another dimension to the 2CH experience, and the refreshed 2CH website enables our audience to further engage with the music that makes the station great,” said Richard Palmer, Head of Digital Macquarie Media Network.

Thousands of popular artists who make up the classic sounds of 2CH 1170 will live virtually on the site via rotating tile images, which connect visitors to their biographies and further links to artist content when the mouse lingers on the image.

In an innovative new feature for radio websites, the rotating musician pictures on the sides of the web page are pulled straight out of the station’s RCS playout computer and combined with online data to feed the ever changing look of the site. Listeners can also quickly look up what artist and song is currently playing on the radio via the website’s ‘now playing’ feature.


“Together, 2CH and 2GB command around a third of the commercial share of the all-important 45 – 69 year old demographic, a group who have enormous purchasing power,” said Mark Noakes, MRN Group Sales and Marketing Director.

“We know that 2GB listeners will often switch to 2CH at some point throughout the day, making the combination of 2GB and 2CH a very powerful proposition for advertisers.

“The enriched content on 2CH.com will drive audiences to be more engaged with the site resulting in higher page impressions and time on the site, complementing the strength of our on-air advertising offering,” said Noakes.

In line with the popular entertainment segments featured on 2CH, key highlights of the new website include: Listen online, Artist of the month, Recipes, Macquarie National News on demand
 and the 2CH Secret Sound.

The new website complements a range of digital 2CH platforms, including the 2CH smartphone app, 2CH e-newsletter and 2CH Shop.

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