2DayFM wins a stay of “execution” – but not Kyle’s show

Putting it’s case before the Administrative Appeals Tribunal in Sydney, 2DayFM has won a temporary stay of some of the licence conditions imposed upon it by ACMA earlier this year.  After SCA Sydney GM, Jeremy Simpson (left) told the Tribunal that he’d have to consider shutting down four of 2Day’s live programs if the licence conditions were upheld, the Tribunal agreed to grant a temporary stay for the station, with the exception of the Kyle and Jackie O breakfast show which remains subject to ACMA’s tight ‘decency’ conditions for the next five years, 24/7.

While far from a comprehensive victory, the decision at least cuts some slack for the station and the rest of the announcing staff who have never fallen foul of ACMA and who played no part in Kyle’s well publicised rant against a News Ltd journalist last November.

Richard Cobden SC , acting for 2DayFM told the tribunal that ACMA’s description of the tone of the comments made by Sandilands were ”far from the truth.” He suggested to the Tribunal that when Sandilands described the journalist as a ”fat slag” and threatened to “hunt her down,” his comments were not ”aggressive and vitriolic” in tone as ACMA had stated but rather, they were ”conversational.”

More to come in this matter.