2DayFM’s phase two ‘A Better Today’ campaign revives a 90’s fantasy

2Day FM has launched phase two of its A Better Today campaign featuring an all-dancing, sequinned 90s fantasy set in a local Chinese restaurant.

It’s 1995. Mariah Carey takes a dip on a rollercoaster. In a few seconds, the world will hear Fantasy for the first time and for the next four minutes, not much else matters.

And that’s exactly how 2DayFM thinks its audience should feel when hearing their favourite song on the station.

The campaign opens on a family settling in for a local Chinese meal when the mum hears Fantasy blast out from the restaurant’s radio.

The Producers Director, Cameron March, and freelance creative Christy Peacock collaborated with choreographer Marko Panzic and the SCA Marketing team to transform the mum into a 90s diva dancing on the restaurant table top, complete with dance troupe, sequins and disco light show as she embraces her love of 90s music.

Not even the arrival of bemused 2Day FM Breakfast hosts Dave ‘Hughesy’, Erin Molan and Ed Kavalee can break her stride when they arrive for dinner at the same restaurant.

The campaign was filmed at an iconic Western Sydney Chinese restaurant and features the restaurant’s own maitre D’, plus local Sydney dancers The Champ Fam, a real family who star in the commercial.

SCA Chief Marketing Officer, Nikki Clarkson, says “‘A Better Today’ is an ode to the joy of music and the places it can take us. This campaign captures the joy of living in the moment, and how 2Day FM can transform any day into a better today – even at your local Chinese. 2Day offers its listeners an uplifting, mood-focussed, ‘feel great’ pop format that they love. This commercial brings that idea to life with the same feel-good vibes you get from listening to 2Day.”

The Producers Director, Cameron March, says, “As a director, it’s a dream come true when you have a client like SCA and 2Day FM that is willing to build upon the previous year’s campaign and take it to the next level. We stepped into a world of colour and dance, ultimately creating a piece of content that stands out. I’m proud to say we are taking our viewers along a journey of an even better today, this year.”

The Producers Executive Producer, Noelle Jones, says, “It was an absolute pleasure to work with SCA again. We look forward to more creative opportunities in the future.”

The campaign will run in cinema, TV, across a range of digital and social assets and in out-of-home.

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