2Day’s Dan & Maz out trend leadership change

The 2Day breakfast show with Dan & Maz decided on a social media experiment this morning that dominated Twitter and Instagram today, despite the leadership spill overnight.

Dan & Maz asked their Sydney audience to hashtag #SydneySnapShot at precisely 8.07am this morning, the idea soon took over the #1 trending hashtag in Australia and Sydney on Twitter and Instagram.

2Day Breakfast Co-host Dan Debuf said:

“We thought up this idea: if everyone in Sydney all took a photo at the same moment in time… what would it look like? Well the answer is picturesque, hilarious, traffic-ridden, and in the end, INTERNET BREAKING. We are basically Kim Kardshian’s butt: we broke the internet, and we look great covered in oil. Well I do.”

Co-host Maz Compton said:

“I had no idea so many people ate cronuts for breakfast #SydneySnapshot was a social media experiment to capture one single moment in this great city and if a picture paints a thousand words, we’ve got enough ammo to rewrite the Urban Dictionary.”

Twitter Australia, Media Partnerships Manager, Chris Ledlin said:

”Twitter is all about what you’re doing right now, and what we regularly see is that people use Twitter to join together in shared moments, whether that’s #libspill, the footy finals or even 8:07am on a Tuesday morning in Sydney.”

“Sydney is one of the greatest cities in the world and we all experience Sydney in different ways. What I loved about  #SydneySnapshot this morning is that Dan and Maz brought us all together at the same time for a little Tweet peek into how each of us enjoys our city every day. Can’t wait for the next one!”

Dan & Maz’s #SydneySnapShot trended at #1 in seven cities across the country, it was the #1 trend in Australia for a total of 130mins and still trending in Sydney at #1 on Twitter. 



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