2KO and NXFM radio building in Charlestown up for sale

For nearly 30 years radio station 2KO was housed on the Pacific Highway in Newcastle. NXFM arrived five years later, in 1993, and in 2014 Southern Cross TEN also joined the fold. Now, that building which will hold a wealth of memories to the broadcast industry past, and apparently also comes with the ghost of a boy who floated around upstairs (eeeeeek!), is up for sale, seven years after the two radio stations moved to custom built studios in the Honeysuckle area on the Newcastle foreshore.

This is the second sale of current and past radio studios in the Central Coast and Newcastle areas of NSW. SCA‘s Gosford studios, which they rent and are still inhabited by Triple M and Hit, is available too, and fully kitted out.

The Honeysuckle location was created with the thought that Southern Cross TEN would also move in, alongside 2KO (which is now 102.9 Triple M Newcastle) and NXFM (which is now Hit 106.9). As that didn’t happen, perhaps if and when Gosford sells, Triple M and Hit on the Central Coast might just move a half hour up the freeway to join the others on the foreshore too.




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