2nd Austereo Station Admits Speeding Up Songs

Brisbane’s top rating B105 has admitted using computer software to speed up songs on its playlist, joining fellow Austereo station, Melbourne’s Fox FM, in ‘fessing up’ to the practice.

B105 Manager, Richard Barker has told The Sunday Mail it is common, but denies it is to cram in more advertising.

The admissions are certain to focus closer attention on other stations, within Austereo and beyond.

Barker and Fox General Manager, Gary Pert, say most listeners would be unaware of the practice.

However, on a recent trip to Melbourne, US rock act, ‘Live’, was shocked and outraged to hear one of its songs played fast.

Barker says: “There would be some songs which would be sped up on B105 … it’s about getting more tempo and getting a good vibe.

“Most listeners wouldn’t even know and it’s only a subtle difference. But, they get the feeling the station is upbeat.

“The record companies are aware of it.

“We have a set inventory on commercials, so this is not about getting more ad space.”

Record companies have told The Sunday Mail they are surprised and have not heard of this happening.