2SER and The Guardian find common ground

Community station 2SER has teamed with Guardian Australia to produce a new podcast. 

The podcast brings together four Australians of different ages, with different life experiences and political leanings, to find out if they can find common ground on hot-button issues including immigration, same-sex marriage, energy transition and inequality. 

Hosted by social researcher and author Rebecca Huntley, and introduced by Guardian Australia’s editor, Lenore Taylor, Common Ground aims to listen directly to voters’ views about politics. 

The podcast captures a weekly conversation between Rebecca and Participants Steve (34), Sharon (51), Josh (18) and Katrina (70), who represent a cross-section of politics from Cory Bernadi’s Australian Conservatives party, to the Greens and the two major parties. The participants live in cities, regional towns and rural areas.

Melanie Withnall, managing director, 2SER 107.3, said, “Common Ground provides the opportunity to hear the voices of real voters, giving you insights that you don’t get from a poll, or comments on social media. The first of four episodes of Common Ground discusses the group’s attitude towards Australia’s political system and the one thing they would tell a politician about their life if they could.”

Common Ground will be available to listen to from the Guardian’s podcast section, Acast, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, other podcast services and will be broadcast on 2SER 107.3fm in Sydney at 7:30 on Monday evening.

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