2SER: Plans for Five Staff Sackings and New Format

Staff and volunteers at Sydney community radio station, 2SER-FM, are angry over the proposed sackings of five staff and a new format from new year, based on an older demographic.

The decisions, announced only weeks ago, have upset the 300 volunteers and 12 paid employees, who say they were made without any consultation.

There say they had no idea ‘the financial situation was so bad’.

Station Manager, Philip Shine, is reportedly planning to cut local talk shows by 50%, but volunteer producers and presenters say the decision has no legitimacy, because – apart from no warning or consultation – their single position on the board was vacant at the time.

Another major issue causing controversy is the decision to end all live broadcasting from 2SER’s second studio at the Macquarie University campus.

Strong opposition from rank and file people at the station has so far failed to put the plan on hold, but their union is negotiating on their behalf for full consultation before any changes go ahead.

Staff and volunteers accept that cost cutting is necessary, but say they feel the way it been done is appalling, adding 2SER could not function without volunteers.