2SER’s on a roll? No, that should read: Honour Roll

2SER Volunteers and Staff past and present – 2SER wants to Honour you!!

As 2SER creeps closer and closer to their 40th birthday, they’d love to put together a list of everyone who’s worked to keep the station going all this time. 

So, they’re putting together an ‘Honour Roll’ of past and present staff and vols – and they want it to be as comprehensive as possible.

If you are, have been, or know someone who’s presented/produced/worked behind the scenes or in some other capacity for 2SER over the past 40 years, you can get in touch via the link below or go to the 2SER website

2SER promise there’ll will be no further obligation/no sending your information to Cambridge Analytica/ no trying to flog you a set of steak knives after your next purchase.  They just want to launch a sincere appeal to acknowledge as many people, in as much detail as possible, as part of our big 4-0 celebrations.

Feel free to forward this to your networks as well – the more people from the large 2SER family they can find, the better. The organisers are happy for you to record the work of someone who has passed too – anniversaries are for sweet memories.

To add your name (or that of someone you know) click HERE.

To join the 2SER Alumni Facebook group click HERE.