2UE line-up still up in the air

Could George and Paul move to 2GB?

The Breakfast Show is settled with John Stanley and Garry Linnell back from holidays along with Stuart Bocking in Mornings till 1pm. And Luke Bona is locked in for mid-dawns.

Apart from that the schedule seems a bit fluid.

For the time being, at least, Tim Webster is doing Afternoons till 4pm when Bill Woods takes over  in Drive till 7pm. But he doesn’t get to go home just yet. Woods then presents Sports Today which was vacated by John Gibbs at the end of last year. 

Bill Woods’ photo (below left) seems to have been hastily inserted into the list of announcing staff on the 2UE website as it lacks the corporate livery of the others such as Tim Webster on the right.


Missing from the announcers’ list, though, is last year’s regular Drive announcer, Justin Smith who is now back in his hoemtown of Melbourne floating on 3AW.

It’s an open secret that 2UE is in the midst of re-imagining the station to focus more on lifestyle discussion while leaving conservative talkback to it’s sister station 2GB.

To that end, there’s been a persistent rumour that 2UE’s weekend warriors, George and Paul, may move to 2GB with their top rating blend of lifestyle, quizzes and conservative politics. But for now their picture remains firmly entrenched on the 2UE website with on air pointers to their return this weekend.

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