3 Exciting Radio Cases

3 Exciting Radio Cases
Case 1. Xavier Huberland (DG, Meida Department, RTBF, Belgium)
How to reshape your audience for the listener? It was identified there were less people watching TV in Belgium, especially in a digital shifting society that empowers public service values from media silos to a consumer-centric model.
They found that yesterday and today media will go forward as one; TV, radio and digital. Within two years they have
given timeline to implement a new organisation with the shift to a cultural change, governance and strategies to ensure its success.
A team of six was chosen, being readied for these changes heading into 2022 – whereby the organisation will at times
face new challenges.
What audience and compatable content will they deliver is the main focus going forward. In 2019 when the elections take place, they understand a younger generation is about to uptake the reins in making decisions based on what’s important to them. The outcome will be of interest to many groups, not just the media.


Case 2. Luca Bruno, Hana Gadze (SRF 3, Switzerland)
Love your national sound – the daily live radio show about Swiss music SRF 3 punkt CH is based in the German speaking part of Switzerland.
Monday to Friday at 7 pm they have a program which must consist of the following:
– 1 hour of Swiss music only from the country
– 3 hosts rotate every week
– Available via podcast
– Bridge between daytime and nighttime
Initially, they were worried they didn’t have enough music content from local artists, however it turned out they
had more than sufficient along with an array of topical interests. New bands were and still are constantly being discovered,
much to the delight of the audience. Being unique content as it’s Swiss music only with song premiers. Various guests every week are given an opportunity to speak in their own language with live sessions being aired. Artists and bands are invited from all four parts of Switzerland (all linguistic regions).
The spotlight of a new artist every month puts them in great steed for an annual award at the >
The station will choose the best new talent and/or bands of which they select the best, then they nominate and promote
them as the winners each month giving greater exposure. At the end of the year, three are chosen to compete
in the annual awards. The winner is given a sponsorship and obviously introduce them to a wider audience.
Swiss Music Day is a radio SRF 3 whereby they play Swiss music 24 hours for the day and social media is used in
which the content is published by the hosts themselves via the official channels of the station.
They use Instragram finding it most useful and the primary chanel where Twitter is not.
In conclusion, Luca said, “embracing domestic artists and championing local music offers you a unique chance – and don’t ever
let the opportunity past by.
Case 3. Miquel Lopez, Maria Antonia Carbo, Carme Sanchez, Rosa Garriga, (Radio Ciutat De Badalona, Spain)
It was identifed in Spain their radio audience is over 65 years old. Three grandmothers have achieved in Barcelona what no one else ever has. They are all over 70 years old.
In 2006 a show called Family Matters presented an open invitation for people over 65 years of age to apply, and they in turn were able to offer the older generation a voice, sharing experiences from many aspects of daily life.
Between the three of them, they like to find solace in nature, playing cards and dance. They know they’re not young
anymore and feel they need to live life to the utmost. They receive hundreds of phone calls each week. Many of the
listeners cannot leave home for various reasons, mainly because of ill health and they rely on these three grand ladies for a
delivery of topical and lively discussions.
These three ladies before a program goes to air, jot down their ideas on a note pad and talk about these matters, along with gossip or simply how expensive are prices of groceries lately. They express their opinions whole heartedly and a video showed their thoughts about the rendition of the younger generation’s idea of communication via their devices, basically discussing what many others think.

They give good advice to younger generations about their own life experiences, especially sex! Don’t make the same mistakes as they had done so during their early juvenile foibles was the mantra given by all three. They were happy to know the younger generation  actually do have more than one partner before marriage, unlike their own generation’s expectations and the difficulties about relationships they faced. Importantly, they talk openly about death which seem to open up to many elderly’s fear of what’s next in store for themselves.

With more than 10 years on radio now, it’s agreed that attitude and power is being transmitted through radio as they’ve had such
an impact on their audience, it’s evident they aren’t going anywhere else fast, except on the airways and into the homes of their
listeners – both elderly and young.
The reason the program started was for the elderly, who talked in the same way as them and interacted in the same manner. It seems a family and social network has been established through the engagment they have been able to secure through radio.




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