3AW Mystery Caller may have been Lady Gaga

The 3AW team believe that they were called by a Lady Gaga alias on the 4th of July. The call was taken by hosts Andrew McLaren and Mark Petkovic on the Overnighters program just before 2:00am.

The awkward caller identified herself as ‘Stephanie from Richmond’ and first asked about the weather, with the presenters having difficulty hearing her.

She then told Andrew and Mark that she had attended Lady Gaga’s concert on the previous Saturday.


“It was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to,” she said. “I was absolutely speechless, her shows, her performance, it was unbelievable.”


3AW believes that the vocal similarities between the woman and Lada Gaga were “uncanny”. Further, they think the fact that at the time of the call Lady Gaga was winding down in Melbourne having completed her string of five shows at Rod Laver Arena, with a party planned that night at the Northcote Social Club, is highly indicative of the caller in fact being Lady Gaga.


Lady Gaga’s real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, so perhaps the name ‘Stephanie’ was not even a pseudonym.


Compare Lady Gaga on ‘Ellen’ last year with the mystery caller:


Listen to the 3AW call here


And compare it with Gaga on ‘Ellen’



Discussing the caller on 3AW Breakfast this morning, Tracy Grimshaw and 3AW Entertainment reporter Peter Ford, who spent an hour with Lady Gaga for an interview on A Current Affair last year, both agreed that it was her.


“It’s the sort of mischievous thing that she would do,” Tracy Grimshaw said.


Peter Ford concurred, saying Gaga is an insomniac.


“These people do get lonely,” he said.


“Very often…all her tour group go to bed, and she’s there feeling very bored and wanting someone to chat to.”


Speaking with Neil Mitchell, Andrew McLaren said he had no suspicions whatsoever that it could’ve been Lady Gaga when the caller rang in.


“I didn’t suspect it at all,” he said.


“I just came to work last night and Mark, my offsider, said ‘apparently we spoke to Lady Gaga last week.'”


“I wish the conversation had gone longer, because I had a couple of song suggestions for her next album,” Andrew McLaren said.