3MP is back in the Melbourne market

Ace Radio’s 3MP made a re-entrance into the Melbourne GfK Survey this year with an Easy Music format.

A cume of 76,000 (People 10+) was enough to give them a 0.7 share in Survey 1.
radioinfo asked CEO Mark Taylor about the importance of the name and its heritage value in Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula.
Mark says, “It’s hard to establish a new brand especially with the older demographic we are targeting we believed that the 3MP name would bring back good memories.  Judging by the feedback from our listeners that is the case.”
“It hasn’t been great in the last 10 years for 1377AM with lots of format changes. Sport, Racing, Classic Rock and the famous MTR experiment! 
“The one thing with all that I have mentioned is that the 3MP branding was not associated with those changes. People remember and associate 3MP with the Easy Music format.”
radioinfo: Why you decided to bring back the old callsign?
Mark:It was always part of the plan. The station was loved by many, especially on the Mornighton Peninsula. Most of our efforts have been in that area so far, 95% of our clients on located on the Peninsula.
“The moment our sign written cars started running around people were asking our staff all about the return of 3MP.
“Prize winners have been far and wide from across all parts of Melbourne.”
radioinfo: How is the signal strength? Is it heard across all of Melbourne?
Mark: “Like most AM stations we face our challenges. But we all have DAB+ which on 3MP, we promote equally with  AM 1377, in fact, I think from listening around Melbourne 3MP promotes DAB+ more than any other station. Our streaming figures are also very healthy on RadioApp and iHeart radio. 
“We believe our music format is quite different to smooth and Magic. We are focussed on an easy, relaxing sound that is no longer catered for by any other station in the market. We are fully aware that the rating game is a long game, and we are committed to the format and already close to our first goal of 100,000 cume.”
radioinfo: What about the strategic importance of the station for the rest of the Ace network
Mark: “The network is recovering well from Covid damage. Having a Melbourne station in the stable has already proved popular with our regional clients. It’s also a great opportunity for our staff, some of whom have been with us for over 25 years to showcase their talents at a metro level. We are particularly proud of our all-female on-air lineup weekdays 9 am to Midnight. The passion for the brand that Julie Strini, Emily Canning, Cathy Jubb and Emma Clark have is amazing.” 



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