3RRR radiothon paints the town red

3RRR’s Radiothon is on throughout most of September offering listeners a chance to be in the running for the prize draw when they support the iconic Melbourne community station.

Triple R relies on sponsorship and listener subscriptions to keep running.

The radiothon is the station’s annual subscription drive that funds over half the station’s operations each year.

The Triple R program guide houses over 60 diverse programs. Music shows cover every genre imaginable from pop to punk rock, from R&B and electro to jazz, hip hop, country and
metal. Specialist talks programs delve into topics as varied as the environment, human rights, politics, medical issues, gardening, cultural ventures and local interests.

With the exception of Breakfasters, all of Triple R’s programs are presented by volunteers (pictured above). These broadcasters are drawn to the station because of its unique, independent ethos, its local focus, and its commitment to quality public radio.

All Triple R’s broadcasters have a passion for what they present and are genuine music fanatics and/or devoted experts in their fields.

Since 1976 Triple R has been brightening Melbourne’s cultural landscape with original and independent ideas, music and programming.

In a time of media monopolies, the station says: “we create artful radio that encompasses many voices, made in Melbourne. Radiothon is a time to celebrate all of our amazing volunteer broadcasters, our diverse programming, our lack of play listing, our behind-the-scenes volunteers, our subscribers and our independence. Radiothon 2015 is the
time to Paint the Town Triple R!”


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