3SA’s 65th anniversary reunion

The 65th anniversary of St Kilda’s 3SA will be marked with a reunion at the end of this month.

For 56 years and 3 months 3SA provided a service to the St Kilda local area and was Australia’s only landline radio station operating every weekend and public holiday from March 1954 until July 2010.

In the early 1960s a landline cable network was deal was struck between Radio 3SA, the St Kilda City Council and the PMG telephone service to install an underground network which reached out to 3000 listeners. 

The brainchild of David Clark Sinclair, 3SA was both a fully-fledged cable radio station and training centre, where hundreds of radio announcers and celebrities started their careers including Mal Walden, Greg Evans, John Deeks, and Ian ‘Molly’ Meldrum.


In March 1979 the station achieved a silver record award for 25 years of broadcasting, with Melbourne radio and television celebrity Bert Newton hosting his 3UZ breakfast program live from the 3SA studio the same day.

Even ‘The King of Australian Radio’ John Laws once called into 3SA and did a radio program live from the studio.

In July 2010 the station and the announcers training centre was forced to close following the death of its founder, Clark Sinclair, with the studio building being put up for sale.

Organiser of the reunion, John Symons, was 3SA’s longest serving on air talent and music program director.

The reunion will be held at the Grosvenor Hotel on Saturday 30th March from 8PM.

Clark Sinclair at 3SA’s 50th anniversary party in 2004 with Jack Perry(Zig the Moomba clown)

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