4BC Day/Night Power Switching

The ABA is proposing to formalise changes to 4BC’s technical specifications, allowing the Brisbane station to continue to operate with day/night switching.

4BC has been operating at a higher power during the day and switching to a lower power at night.

The proposed change follows a request from 4BC, which has been doing lengthy testing of day/night transmitter power switching.

The testing has been ongoing since late 2001. During this time, 4BC moved site, resulting in some reception problems in southern parts of the licence area. These arose due to a commercial decision by the licensee, and the move was not instigated by the ABA.

The proposal is contained in the draft variation to the Brisbane radio licence area plan, which has been released for public comment. Any comments need to be submitted by 15 October. The draft variation, with an explanatory paper, is available from the ABA’s website or by calling 1 800 810 241.