5 minutes with Hit92.9’s Heidi Anderson

Kirsty Meyer spends 5 minutes with Heidi Anderson, breakfast presenter at Perth’s hit92.9.

What made you pick radio for a career?

I was working in bars in Scotland and PR in London for 4 years after uni when I thought I’m not doing what I love, I wanna be on radio.

I used to listen to UK radio religiously and picture me on air. Chris Moyles… Radio God

How did you get your first start in the industry?

I volunteered and did my uni internship at BRock FM in Bathurst. I thought my shit didn’t stink and how wrong I was! I was shithouse.

I wasn’t that good and thought I’d just get on air straight away. This is where my first mentor Justin Coombs Pearce told me if I wanted to make I’d have to go to AFTRS. Out of uni, seemed too hard, so I traveled and I didn’t stop thinking about radio the entire 4 years. I came home in 2010, applied for AFTRS and got in.

What does your radio timeline look like?

AFTRS then Warrnambool Coast FM copy writer & day announcer 10 or so weeks.

Bunbury & network to all South west of WA on Hot fm with Rob & Tom my second year. 2 years I was there.

2013 Feb – June: Newcastle NXfm with Heath & Normy.   Big Brother house 6/7 weeks.

2013 Nov: hit 92.9 in Perth until now.

How would you sum up what it’s like to work with Will and Woody?

They’re great guys. I genuinely laugh at & with them everyday. They make me happy. They fart a lot – they get 3 a show each, but they put up with me once a month being The period monster so… ha ha it’s all good.

It’s always fun and they’re like my brothers. Will loves to challenge me but we all love and respect one another like a little family.

What has been one of your favourite moments on air? 

At the moment – we’re doing Heidi’s happiness project. The content has been unbelievable. It just warms my heart…

It started after reading book happiness trap by Dr Rudd. I wanted to start living in the moment more & get out of my own head & enjoy the journey. 2 people joined the team – we followed them on air Delta who was placing her happiness in hands of someone else & tony who has suffered body image issues.

The content we built around them & their journey is unbelievable. Tony & I also did nude yoga together. We’re finishing the whole thing off with mindful morning of yoga & meditation & motivational speakers next sat.  Check it out.

Any mortifying moments that you had to do for radio?

Mmmmm I got Hot FM tattooed on my butt in Bunbury…he he

What do you love most about working in radio?

That I get wake up every morning and have fun!

Yea we do really emotional, real content but I love that we’re always having fun.

I love that by doing some of the things we do , we might help one person ie happiness project. That’s what radio is about, connecting with people & I love that I can do that.

Any tips for those who are up and coming in the industry on how to survive it?

Be real! Work out in regional who you are as a broadcaster, have fun, experiment with ideas & content & just learn from this around you. Reach out to mentors – they can be CDs or announcers. Listen to their feedback & grow!

And celebrate your wins – PR the shit out of yourself with radio sites / CDs & media in town.

What’s the first thing you do when you get to work?

Read online new sites and eat brekky

Heidi, I have to hand it to you, you’ve been a great ambassador for women when it comes to battling unhealthy body image issues, what motivated you to be such an inspiration for other women dealing with the pressures they put on themselves in todays world?

When I admitted live on radio in Bunbury what that I wasn’t confident at all & was suffering severely from body image issues. I couldn’t stop speaking about it.

Not only did I realise the power of radio & get it until then. It honestly changed my life for the better. I started to be kind to myself.

I’m still a work in progress but I’m getting there. I realised how many people were struggling with the same thing when the phone didn’t stop ringing for 2 weeks with people wanting to share their stories. I realised by me speaking, I could start to heal & work on myself whilst helping others. I’m an extremely empathetic person which can be detrimental to my soul sometimes. But I wanted these guys suffering like me to feel good again. So I continue to spread the body love message.

My mate said to me “now you’ve said it out loud Heidi & you’ve talked the talk. You need to start walking the walk.” So I did.

So you found yourself in the Big Brother house in 2013, how has life changed for you since then?

Oh god that seems like a a dream. The first 6 months after are insane, everywhere I went people would recognise me.

Now if I’m in Perth they know me from our radio show. Outside Perth some people look at me & say how do I know you?

After big bro I moved to Perth and in my with my new boyfriend Griffo. We’ve now bought a couple of houses together and have a little cat called Julianne Moore or Julz. So it changed a lot.

What was your highlight in the house?

Leaving… ha ha

I was so ready to leave. My last few weeks I struggled. It was hard being on all the time. I knew I had more exciting things happening on the outside with Griffo. I was in love and no amount of money could compare to my exciting life in radio and him.

I did meet some awesome mates, that I’ll have for life.

What was your ‘not so’ highlight in the house?

Probably the last week… oh and when ️️Ed spewed banana up in my face.

Where did you grow up?

Bathurst, NSW

Favourite country?

Eeeek that’s tough. I have too many.

Scotland with their people & beautiful city of Eddy. 
Indonesia – my boy and I go to Bali a couple of times a year for food, massages & cocktails.
I’m about to sail the Caribbean and Mexico so it might change.

Favourite food?


Drink of choice?

Red wine. Shiraz usually or anything that gets me pissed.

Where would you tell a tourist to go to in Perth?

To the Perth Hills and to any beach along the coast. Some of the best places in the world.

What’s an ideal day for you look like?

Cider, wine in Perth Hills at Cidery, staying at a resort with a balcony spa in the bush or beach with Griff, eating nibbles and prawns.

What’s your favourite song at the moment?

Hmmm my fave song right now is still by Robbie Williams – Angels. I just saw him other day.
And Adele’s ”Hello”.

How would your best mate describe you in three words?

I asked My bestie Mel this is what she wrote – Determined, fun, courageous.

If I didn’t work in radio I would….

work at the zoo. I want to be a zoo keeper.

Where can people follow you? (Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat etc)

@Realheidi on both, but no snappers.


Our profiler, Kirsty Meyer, has worked in news and programs in Australia and internationally and has just moved home to Tamworth.

This is one in a series of profiles Kirsty is compiling for radioinfo.



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