Stampsy makes noise for Grant Broadcasters

Lee ‘Stampsy’ Stamps will now be heard across 18 Grant Broadcasters stations as the Music Chick for the Hot Noise, as part of The Noise National Networked Program line up.

For the KRock Music Director and Drive Announcer this is an incredible opportunity to continue her support for record companies, artists, hone her strong producing skills and add another feather to her already heavily feathered media cap.

“I’m stoked to be selected from our network to spearhead the content and be the voice for The Hot Noise.  I have an incredible team around me who allow me to showcase their acts, their events and the music scene across Australia. 

“I can tell friends, family, my barista and boss heads that my overuse of social media is for legitimate research purposes and I have my fingers crossed that my request for an iPad in the next cap ex might just slip through.”

The program showcases the best in local and international music and take major interviews and place them on a national stage.

The ACRA winning Hot Noise lines up alongside Gossip Girl (Celeb News), Behind The Scenes (Movies), Net Nerd (Tech Talk) and Game On (Gaming) weeknights across the Grant Broadcasters Network.



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