5 minutes with Tim Shaw

The man who popularised the expression “but wait, there’s more” in Australia speaks to radioinfo’s Kirsty Meyer about life in radio, life abroad and being back home. 
Tim, anyone that was around in the 90’s in Australia will remember your famous catch phrase and where it all started… “But Wait There’s More”, how many times do you think you’ve been asked that question through out your career?
“A million times. It has changed the vernacular and appears now in dictionaries. Even CACTUS used it this past week on 2CC 2016 in Canberra”.

You started as an auto electrical apprentice at the age of 17, when did you land your first gig in radio and what was the role?

“My first gig in radio was Summer Afternoons on Radio 2UE Sydney in 1995. Thanks PD John Brennan”.

What would you say has been one of the biggest highlights of your career?
“Becoming Host of 2CC 1206 Canberra Breakfast Program in 2016. I started on air Monday 11 January 2016”.

What radio stations have you worked for?
“2UE & 2GB in Sydney,  Live 89.5 Phuket Thailand & 2CC 1206 in Canberra.”
What would you say is key to having a fruitful career in the radio biz?
“Listen Listen & learn – if in doubt, Listen, Listen again. Never think you are too good to learn anything about radio, ever”.
What’s the most shocking, (could be funny or scary) moment you’ve had behind the mic and why?

“They guys that said F*** at 5.52am the other morning on 2CC Breakfast during a talk back call. Thank you DUMP BUTTON. It wasn’t malicious, it just slipped out – he is welcome to call 62551206 anytime as long as he doesn’t say F*** again”.

You’ve been working abroad in Asia as a Channel 7 correspondent and broadcaster for Phuket’s Live 89.5, what did you find to be the biggest difference in working in radio oversea’s, as opposed to Australia mate?

“Working overseas is a very important stepping stone in my view if you are serious about a media career long term. It makes you realise how lucky & free we are in Australia in terms of broadcast laws & opportunity.  Its easy for some people to knock Australia. Ill bet most of the knockers don’t even have a passport & if they do, haven’t used it for a long time”.

You’ve made your way back to Canberra, have you experienced any reverse culture shock moving back? In the work place and/or everyday life?

“Canberra is the BEST city in the world so. NO traffic, great people, food, sights to see. Do yourself a favour (as Molly would say) and come & visit the national capital & call me on 62551206”.

You’re an actor, a TV presenter, a radio announcer and a published author, among many other ventures, what would you say has been your favourite call of duty?

“Being a Foreign Correspondent for Seven News Australia & Talking with people on Talk Back Radio in Thailand & now in Canberra. I love my job. I am paid to talk to people”.

What advice do you have for Aussie radio presenters who are interested in working oversea’s on the air waves?

“Leave your idea of what you are worth in terms of weekly salary. Do it for any amount of money or freelance & learn from the experience”.

What would you say has been the biggest change about the industry since you’ve started?

“All of us in 2016 & beyond multitasking. It’s a great way to expand your skillset. I panel my own program, Exec produce with my fantastic ACRA Award winning Producer Eddie Williams, social media for the program & a host of other responsibilities. I also make my own hot beverages”.

Any pets?

“Yes, My Samsung Note 5 Handset”.

You have three beautiful daughters, have any taken after Dad in pursuing a radio career?

“One is 5th year Law & Communications, one is third year criminology & the youngest studying International relations. Much brighter than their Father so no media careers planned as yet”.

What advice would you give to your 21 year old self if you could?

“Listen, listen & learn”.

If I didn’t work in radio I would…

“Run against Donald Trump in the US Election campaign for President with a competing comb-over”.

What’s the most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done?

“Planning to be spontaneous & then going back to sleep because its not 250am on a weekday morning” .

What’s the most played song on your phone/iphone?

“Blondie – Call Me”.

What’s the most surprising thing on your bucket list?
“Getting Delilah to fix the hole in the bucket”.
What is your favourite movie?
“The Dish”.
Favourite book?
“My Life with Martin Luther King 2 by Coretta Scott King”.

What are three things Tim Shaw can’t live without?
“Coffee, My Family & Friends &  selected Talk Back Radio programs”.
Any hobbies?
“Red wine & conversation”.
Where can people follow you? (Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat etc)
Instagram TimShaw2CC
Twitter @TimShawTweets @2CC

You can follow Tim Shaw on 1206 2CC Canberra Breakfast –  Weekdays from 530am – 9am on 1206AM 2CC.net.au listen live or download IOS App 2CC Canberra 2CC.net.au
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Our profiler, Kirsty Meyer, has worked in news and programs in Australia and internationally.

This is one in a series of profiles Kirsty is compiling for radioinfo.




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