92.7MIXFM raise over half a million for Sunshine Coast kids

The 92.7MIXFM team have raised another $500,644 for the ‘Give Me 5 for Kids’ appeal, taking their total for 2 decades to over $5.5 million for the Sunshine Coast.
Breakfast personalities Mark & Caroline, and the Drive crew Todd & Sami, worked tirelessly for the entire month of June co-ordinating and publicising over 30 individual fundraising events.
Mark Darin says, “We got off to a slow start and I have to admit we were worried early, but the Sunshine Coast has come home so strong. Just look at this number, half a million dollars in one month, it’s incredible.”
Caroline Hutchinson says, “We are so proud of the fact the Sunshine Coast trusts us with their money and we won’t let them down. Five hundred thousand dollars will change lives. That means the world to absolutely every person at Mix FM.”
The funds raised in 2019 will be directed to providing an inter-hospital Paediatric Critical Care Transport Team, to help keep children alive until they get to hospital, as well as continuing the local Clown Doctor Service.




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