93.7fm’s Robin’s says thanks one year after the death of her husband

97.3fm’s Robin Bailey has taken the opportunity to send an emotional message of thanks to those closest to her and the anonymous support she receives from 97.3’s loyal listeners, after the sudden death of her husband, Tony Smart one year ago.

During the past year the 97.3FM breakfast show presenter and her two children have received overwhelming support from her co-hosts Terry and Bob and the whole breakfast team, family, friends, and of course listeners and the wider community.

Robin touches on how she has dealt with the loss of her husband and how she hopes that by speaking out about her experience she can help others in similar situations and start much needed conversations about depression and suicide:

“Today is a pretty big day for me because it was on this day a year ago that my husband of 15 years Tony Smart decided to take his own life.

I have spent so many hours thinking about this day 12 months ago. Could I have stopped it, what was different about the day, were there signs to predict what lay ahead and why… why would he do this to us… to me, his friends and family but mostly the kids and now 12 months on I know there are no answers.

Tony’s decision was his and his alone but I can say the fall out has been catastrophic. I won’t talk about my boys as they must have their own voice in this and will tell their own story to those they want to when the time comes… but I will say this has changed all of us for ever and damaged the three people Tony said he loved the most. His choices have handed his children a life sentence that they will feel the consequences of their whole lives. It is defining their adolescence and will shape their partner choice and how they parent their own children… as you can hear I am angry… angry at Tony for not realising the consequences of his actions because we will for a long time to come”

“And to the countless strangers, you guys, who continue to care about me and offer your love and light through your kind words. I get your messages through social media and email and feel so blessed to have such amazing anonymous support. But I said in the beginning that I didn’t want to be the poster girl for depression or suicide and I still feel that but I do believe my media experience can be used in a way to start conversations. The statistics for both depression and suicide are awful in Australia and something needs to be done so why not me and why not soon… something positive and long term needs to come out of this dreadful experience.”

If you or someone you know is in need of crisis or suicide prevention support, please call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or visit www.lifeline.org.au/gethelp

Watch the full message of thanks from this morning below.


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