95.7fm revives Golden Days of the radio serial

It’s the mid-1950s and a group of friends and colleagues travel each day on the Glen Huntly tram.

Produced in the studios of Golden Days Radio, 95.7fm, a community radio station licensed to service senior citizens, “The Adventures on the Glen Huntly Tram” takes over where radio drama and long-running ABC serial, “Blue Hills” left off in September 1976.

As the tram trundles down Glen Huntly Road close friends Beryl, a typist with aspirations to be head typist at J.R. Wainwrights’ Manchester Distribution Company, and Mavis the junior receptionist at Smith and Sons Coal Merchants, swap stories and share gossip.
Bert the tram conductor, a faithful servant of the Melbourne Metropolitan Tramway’s Board keeps a close eye on the timetable and takes pride in collecting fares and curtailing bad behaviour aboard his tram. Tommy, a suave, debonair insurance salesman with a keen eye for Mavis gets into a spot of bother with the law and Beryl a spot of bother with her boss, Stan Wainwright.
During the course of the five episodes the tram catches fire, survives a swarm of bees, offers refuge to a felon, becomes a hide-out for an undercover policewoman and at the request of the Victorian constabulary, runs backwards down Glen Huntly Road.
Ten actors skilled in amateur theatre, coordinated as the Golden Days Radio Drama Ensemble play the ten characters that bring to life the shenanigans of the daily commute
Written and produced for Golden Days Radio a feature of each episode is the evocative sound of 1950s wireless excerpts from Mavis’ cumbersome Kreisler portable radio, switched on to relieve the daily boredom of tram travel.
‘The Adventures on the Glen Huntly Tram’ will premiere on Golden Days Radio at 8.30am and 8.30pm on each weekday commencing Monday 13th November to Friday 17th November and shortly afterwards be available as a catch-up podcast at www.goldendaysradio.com