96five reveals new lineup as they farewell Robbie Parkin

96five have launched a new breakfast line-up this week following the departure of Robbie Parkin (pictured) from The Family Show (after 13 years) so he can focus on leading 96five’s sponsorship sales team. 

Ken Green (formally Light FM Melbourne, Sea and Nova networks) and Nicky Becker from 96five’s Afternoon Joyride (Drive show) are joining Steve Lanzon in breakfast (Steve is formally of the Star, Sea and Hot networks). It will be a great fun filled family show full of laughter and surprises… you’ll never know what is going to happen next… but it is always ‘safe for little ears’. 

It’s “A Good Morning” with Ken, Nicky and Steve will be broadcast live from the station’s studios in Alderley from 6am weekdays and they will continue to get out in the community with the school excursions and SOS calls etc… 

With Ken & Nicky moving to the early morning start, 96five’s drive show is also changing with 96five’s night show Luke & Susie (Holt) moving up a timeslot taking over from 3pm weekdays. This is the third station this husband and wife team have hit the airwaves as a duo in a major market in Australia. 

To celebrate the new line-up, the station’s opened the door of the 96five garage, and are giving listeners the chance to win with 96five’s Free Car Frenzy! for a Hyundai Accent.

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