A rush for gold in Australia Post’s ‘Great Aussie Coin Hunt’ with Nova’s Kate, Tim & Joel

 The Great Aussie Coin Hunt is back at Australia Post and to celebrate, Kate, Tim & Joel are launching their very own ‘Coin Hunt’.

The Drive show hosts are giving listeners the chance to win the Ultimate Aussie Trip worth $20,000. Fortune-seekers from across the country will have the chance to become one of five finalists invited to participate in the ‘Coin Hunt’ at the gold rush-inspired Sovereign Hill for their chance to take home the prize.

Tim says, “Guess what, we’re going to Sovereign Hill!”

Kate says, “We saw the coins last week when I had them in here playing around with them. My daughter is fascinated with them.”

Joel says, “I love Sovereign Hill. I had the best time the last time I went, and there’s a great bakery too at Sovereign Hill!”

To join the hunt, listeners need to download the Nova Player and register their details for the chance to play and the chosen finalists will hunt for a unique ‘Kate, Tim & Joel coin’ scattered in the gold panning creek at Sovereign Hill.

The first to find one wins $20,000 cash for the Ultimate Aussie Trip!

The trio will then broadcast their radio show live, 4pm-6pm, from Sovereign Hill on Friday 3 June and announce the lucky winner of their Coin Hunt.