ABC a breath of Fresh Air for new regional artists

‘Fresh Air’ is an ABC Radio Regional Production Fund initiative to increase the awareness of contemporary music talent coming out of regional Australia.

Unsigned and unpublished artists, whose musical style is based in an Adult Contemporary genre, (who live in regional areas of Australia – including Hobart and Darwin) will be invited to send in three tracks of broadcast quality recordings on CD to their local ABC radio station.

Selected tracks from the ‘Fresh Air’ project will be added to the Local Radio, Radio National and DIG play lists over the summer period and beyond.

“There are some fantastic musicians who choose not to live in major metropolitan cities and the ABC wants to showcase them across the national airwaves,” says ABC Radio.

The call for entries began this week, and the closing date for entries is Monday December 8, 2003. From there, the entries will be gathered and judged by ABC musical representatives and a selection of tracks will be disseminated nationally for airplay.

Details, application forms and conditions of entry will all be available through ABC online (click below). Musicians must complete an application form before being considered for the project.

As an added bonus one of these acts will be chosen by the Queenscliff Music Festival to play at their 2004 event.

All entrants will also be brought to the attention of ABC Music and ABC Publishing through this initiative, with the possibility of an ongoing relationship.

The ABC Radio Regional Production Fund aims to showcase regional talent throughout Australia — to give voice to a wide cross section of artists and program makers who work and live outside capital cities and to provide this talent with a broader audience.