ABC MD watch – board meets today

The ABC Board will consider candidates for the position of Managing Director when it meets today (Wed 29/5). A late flurry of activity in favour of Trevor Kennedy appears to have failed to secure him an interview, with four people reportedly being considered in the final round.

Well qualified contender Malcolm Long is reported to still be in the race, and acting MD Russell Balding is believed to have reconsidered his earlier decision not to stand and is also in contention. Two internal candidates, believed to be two heads of output departments, are also reported to be in consideration.

Politiking by board member Michael Kroger has put him offside with other board members, who have apparently not supported his favoured candidate Kennedy.

2GB’s Alan Jones plus the Murdoch and Fairfax newspapers have favourably reported Kennedy’s bid, but ABC programs have not. Lobbying and leaking of information about the Kennedy bid has been intense.

Expect more politics as the last stages of the process occur and the board moves towards a preferred candidate. An announcement may not be made immediately as various internal processes may have to be completed even if the board makes a final decision today.