ABC Radio Perth marks 100 years June 4

June 4, 1924, Western Australian Radio 6WF, made its first transmission, a speech from then-Premier Philip Collier, followed by music and live entertainment.

The first high powered radio station in WA 6WF was designed to service the whole state and provide agricultural information to regional farmers.

6WF is now ABC Radio Perth. To mark the centenary, the Mornings program hosted by Nadia Mitsopoulis will present a live broadcast from the State Library of Western Australia. The show will feature archival stories and familiar voices heard on the station over the years, plus the Perth Symphony Orchestra recreating some of the music that was performed at that first ever broadcast.

The event will occur from 8:30am – 11am on Tuesday June 4 but there have been so many bookings for this free event, if you do wish to attend you need to put your name on the waiting list.

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