ABC regionals expecting funds

ABC Radio is hoping for a positive outcome from its submission for extra regional radio funding in the upcoming budget round. With an election on the horizon and lots of money available for rural pork-barrelling, it is a good bet.

The ABC will use the requested $17.75 million to put a multimedia producer in 48 regional radio stations. They will be looking for people who will be versatile enough to implement web content, record video, and pick up radio relief shifts when the understaffed regional stations need an extra hand.

At the recent ABC managers conference in Launceston multimedia was a key topic, along with pay TV. Sources at the conference had varying opinions on how successful it was. Many managers new to the ABC found it to be a good bonding session, while some managers who had been at the ABC longer saw it in a less favourable light. There was very little radio content at this senior managers conference, but an internal radio division conference is scheduled for later in the year.