ABC Slashes Executive Numbers

The ABC has halved its number of top level executives, bringing five key operational departments under one director.

The five support areas, which had their own executives, will be controlled by new Chief Operating Officer, David Pendleton.

Pendleton will maintain Business Services and manage HR, Production Resources, Technology and Distribution, and become Chief Financial Officer.

The heads of the five departments will remain as directors, but will not appear on the ABC Executive or have primary decision making power.

ABC Managing Director, Russell Balding, has the restructure is to sharpen senior management’s focus on content and better position it strategically in the changing media landscape.

“This restructure is a confident move, undertaken within a climate of success and strength, to give the Corporation an even more effective road map for the next decade.

“The ABC Executive, the principal decision making body of management, has been reduced from 12 to seven. The Executive will be made up of the Managing Director, the Directors of Television, Radio, New Media and Digital Services, and News and Current Affairs, as well as two new positions covering operational areas and strategy.

Geoff Crawford (currently Director, Corporate Affairs) has been appointed as Director of Strategy and Communications. This is a redesigned role to reflect a broadening of the Corporate Affairs’ function, increasing the emphasis on strategically positioning the Corporation.

“International Broadcasting and Enterprises Divisions will continue to report to the Managing Director.

“This restructure will reposition ABC management to focus on its primary objective, the creation and broadcast of programs, and ensure those programs are supported in an efficient and cost effective manner.

“The ABC has successfully navigated beyond the turmoil of the past to a point where it is achieving historically high audiences, and is in a position to capitalise on emerging opportunities.

“Standing still is not an option. To confront the challenges of the digital media future, the ABC must order its priorities towards content creation. That is why I have formed a new, leaner, content driven executive team to concentrate on creativity and program output.”