ABC’s multiplatform approach to comedy

The ABC has declared its commitment to comedy content with a multiplatform approach across TV, radio, online and podcasting.​

David Anderson, ABC Director Entertainment & Specialist, said: “The ABC has a long history of investing in world class Australian comedy for our audiences.  Our audiences’ behaviours continue to change, and as content makers our job is to deliver them experiences when and where they want them.

“The ABC COMEDY launch was a great opportunity for the ABC to reinvent the way we traditionally think about our ABC audiences.” 

ABC’s Head of Comedy, Rick Kalowski, discussed highlights from the upcoming year.

“It’s an exciting time for the ABC as we continue to lead the way with world class comedy programming. From new series of ABC favourites, to kick starting the careers of up-and-coming talent, our commitment to comedy in all its forms is stronger than ever.”

In podcasting news, Santo, Sam and Ed’s Total Football podcast,  Santo Cilauro, Sam Pang and Ed Kavalee tackle the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia – and on iview, filmed episodes of the podcast will also be available. 

Alice Fraser, Cal Wilson and Sami Shah attempt to turn the manure of the internet into flowers of joy as they debate online trolling, during the Troll Play podcast.

Plus, Nazeem Hussain returns with season three of the hit ‘anti-travel’ podcastBurn Your Passport.