ACE Breakfast shows why Radio still matters more than ever

A few days ago, we linked to an article in the American entertainment magazine Variety titled: Radio, Don’t Blow Your Chance to Matter Again 

It was penned by Michelle Santosuosso, professor of practice at the Bandier Program, Newhouse School at Syracuse University. A former PD of KKBT-LA and KMEL-SF and correspondent for Hits Magazine.
At the heart of her commentary, she wrote: 

Let me quiz every “Radio PD” — whose oversight likely extends to 30-plus stations: what was radio’s defining strength throughout history? Being free, you say? That’s not it, or Sirius/XM wouldn’t exist and certainly not be a profitable business.

Try again. Being in every car? Nope, that’s not correct either, not in the long run with connected cars quickly cycling into the marketplace at ever-increasing speeds. Clock that answer with an egg timer.

If you didn’t say BEING LOCAL, SERVING YOUR LOCAL COMMUNITY, this is why you are doomed to fail, yet again.

If Professor Santosuosso was living in and listening to her local station in Gippsland, Victoria instead of Syracuse in upstate New York, she might have heard Kate Meade on The Morning Rush. And instead of Radio Don’t Blow Your Chance to Matter Again, her headline might have been Radio Still Matters More Than Ever

Listen to Kate’s impassioned insight into what’s happening in the world right now, and how it is affecting Regional Victorians. 

The Morning Rush with Kate Meade and Sean Cullen airs on the Ace Radio Network across 3YBFM, Gippsland’s Gold, 3HA, 3CS, 3SH, 3WM, 3NE and 2QN. 


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