ACE radio legend Peter Headen retires

After forty years in the industry, the General Manager of the ACE Radio Network‘s 3YB FM & 95.3 COAST FM, Peter Headen, will retire at the end of June.

‘Heado’ started not much further down the road in Horsham in 1984 and moved to the Great South Coast in October ’96. He leaves a lasting legacy on ACE Radio’s Warrnambool operations including overseeing the launch of COAST FM in 2002 and the switch from AM to FM for 3YB in 2018. Always ensuring the community focus of his stations Headen was named Warrnambool’s Citizen of the Year in 2013.

Heado says he is looking forward to family time:

“I’ve enjoyed the role for many years, loved coming to work and loved the staff here, but you’ve gotta go sometime, hopefully I can get some good years with my wife and family. My wife Philo has been a big supporter, without her I wouldn’t be able to do what I did, I was away a lot and she’s just been fantastic from my point of view and held the family together.”

I think the radio station has to play that role of being the connection between the community. Whether it’s schools or kinders or fundraising events, we can play a role to inform the community, I’d like to think we’ve done that pretty well”

ACE Radio CEO Mark Taylor congratulated Headen by saying:

“Peter has displayed exemplary leadership, driving continual growth and success in cementing the Warrnambool operation as the highest-performing in the ACE network. His passion for the radio station being the voice of the local community is fierce, and he is involved at every level in achieving that.”

Network owners Rowly and Judy Paterson, said Headen’s legacy will be long lasting:

“As Peter retires, we congratulate him on an extraordinary career and thank him for his invaluable contributions to the ACE Radio Network. His dedication and passion for the radio industry have been amazing, Peter has been instrumental in creating pathways for many young people and emerging talent. We recognize not just a career, but a legacy that has touched countless lives and uplifted the community.”

Michael Duncan has been welcomed by ACE Radio as the new GM of 3YB FM & COAST FM.

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