ACMA proposes changes to Hobart radio services

The Australian Communications and Media Authority is proposing changes to the ABC News Radio service 7PB and the community radio service 7THE in Hobart.

ACMA is proposing that the 7PB service implement day/night switching using a directional radiation pattern. The change will allow the 7PB service to improve its coverage in the Hobart area during daylight hours without causing interference to other co-channelled AM services at night.

ACMA is also proposing that the community service 7THE swap the FM frequencies on its main and translator services and that it operate from new sites, at Mt Faulkner and Droughty Hill. The move to Mt Faulkner is a result of 7THE being required to vacate its existing site at Mt Nelson. 7THE also requested a translator service from Droughty Hill to maintain its coverage in the south of Hobart. Under the proposals, the main service would operate from Mr Faulkner on 96.1 MHz, with the translator service on 92.1 MHz.

Giles Tanner, General Manager, Inputs to Industry Division told radioinfo:

”ACMA’s proposals follow consideration of requests from the ABC and Hobart FM Incorporated, the licensee of 7THE community radio service, for changes to their services. ACMA found that there are no impediments to the requested changes and the changes will improve the coverage of these services,’

The explanatory paper and draft variation to the Hobart licence area plan are available on the ACMA website linked below.