ACMA’s Richard Bean quizzed about Melbourne FM frequency

In the regular Senate Estimates Communications Committee hearing today, ACMA Chairman Richard Bean was quizzed by Senator Abetz about Melbourne FM frequency 96.1.

The Senator said the frequency had previously been used by a Melbourne community station then had been left vacant.

Subsequent applications by a community station called J Air have been rejected three times according to the Senator, who asked Mr Bean about the reasons for the frequency being denied to the community group.

J Air is run by a Jewish community group which streams online and is seeking a broadcast frequency.

It has started an online petition to support its push for a licence. FM Community Broadcast radio license for the Jewish Community of Melbourne

The aspirant station’s website says:

“A small group of dedicated volunteers have been working [for the past two eyars] to bring to the airwaves the voice of Melbourne’s Jewish community – in all its diversity… J-AIR brings Jewish culture music, comedy, personalities and performers together with news and analysis. It will enable the people of Melbourne to hear the Jewish point of view across an array of different topics, thus giving the Jewish people of Melbourne a voice in the wider community.”

Listen to the questions from Senator Abetz, which were taken on notice by the ACMA Chairman.


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