ACRA winning copywriters launch dedicated radio creative agency

Two time ACRA winner, Josh Langley and ACRA and International RAP winner Andy Macleod have teamed up to create a new dedicated radio creative agency servicing both regional and metro radio stations.

Realising there was a need for experienced radio writers in the outsourced radio market, they set up Outside Creative to fill the niche.

 ‘Most outsourced radio copy is written by people who don’t understand the medium and especially not the sales process as well.’ said Langley, who has worked in both regional and metro stations for 20 years including the roles of Senior Writer and Creative Solutions Director at Southern Cross Austereo Regional WA.

Andy Macleod who was senior writer at SCA for 4 years added, “We understand the pressures on Account Managers and their need to make budget. Everything we do is aimed at making their life easier, from our 24-hour turnaround to writing copy that helps in rebooking a client.’

Based out of the South West of Western Australia, both Langley and Macleod aren’t ashamed to admit that some of their clients’ commercials are written at the beach, at a cafe or at a winery. ‘It adds to the creativity and it’s far better than being stuck in an office’ Josh says.

Josh and Andy also run advertising workshops, sharing over 26 years of advertising knowledge so that small business owners can get an understanding of the basic principles of advertising and achieve success with their radio investment. 

To find out more about Outside Creative head to the website

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