Adern for PM and Pauline for a beer: SCA survey

Southern Cross Austereo surveyed more than 6,000 listeners, across the Triple M and Hit Network’s, about the about the upcoming election and came up with some surprising results.
Questions ranged from the serious, e.g. key election issues and political integrity, to the lighter side of politics e.g. who they’d install as PM, and which pollie they’d prefer to have a beer with.
The hottest election topics…

  • Health  74%
  • Energy Prices 56%
  • Tax Assistance 56%
  • Education 56%
  • Environment 49%

 Despite rhetoric around immigration and border control, it ranked 8th
When asked if they could pick their PM, interestingly, the top 3 picks are women with SCA audiences preferring NZ PM Jacinda Adern, followed by One Nation Leader Pauline Hanson, former Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, entrepreneur Dick Smith and the retired John Howard.
Eddie Maguire was ranked 10th, just before Hugh Jackman, while Mick Molloy missed out on the top 20 candidates, pulling in at number 21.


Pauline Hanson is the politician Aussies would most like to have a beer with 19 per cent, followed by Scomo (11%) then Bill Shorten (10%) while not so many want Clive Palmer as a drinking buddy, just 5 %.
By far though, the feeling was Aussies don’t want to spend downtime with a pollie with 51% saying there’s no politician they’d share a middy with.
When it comes to election advertising, SCA listeners are well and truly over it, feeling that Clive Palmer pushed the boundaries with texts, tv, radio and online ads and as a result, 50% of respondents say they’re most sick of United Australia Party ads, then Labor on 14% then the LNP on 11%.
Nearly third of people keep their voting intention private even from their nearest and dearest and 61% say they are swinging voters
Election Night plans
On election night, 1 in 4 people say they’ll do anything but watch the election on TV, with 14% preferring to Netflix and Chill while 3% are expected to tune into Eurovision and only 10% will stop down to watch coverage on telly.
PM for a day
If people got to be PM for a day, Health, tax and politicians pay would be first on the list followed by immigration issues.
The key qualities for a politician were Honesty and Truthfulness by a mile

Triple M Hot Breakfast news reader Seb Costello and Melbourne Journalist Nikki Markovics dissect the findings in the Polls, Pints and Pollies.


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