NEMBC seeks a further $3.15 million in funding from all parties

The NEMBC is seeking support from all political parties for a $3.15 million package to support new and emerging communities, and to train new broadcasters.

NEMBC CEO, Russell Anderson, says, “… as the election draws near, the NEMBC is seeking for a renewed commitment to our sector. We welcome a conversation with whoever wins to make sure there is equity across media sectors and adequate sustainability is provided for the ethnic community broadcasting sector. A sector that has seen its funding stagnate since 2013.”

“In a political climate where multiculturalism and migration has been used as tools of division, multicultural community broadcasting celebrates the cultural diversity of Australia. Our multilingual and multicultural audience is vast and varied comprising of almost 5 million Australians who speak a language other than English at home.”

“While 50.7% of the population is third generation born Australian, the total number of migrants from non-English heritage makes up most of the Australian population.”

“Multicultural community broadcasting in Australia is run mostly by more than 4,000 volunteers, that speak over 110 languages and broadcast at least 2,070 of hours of content every week.”
Initiatives include:

  • Targeted Support for Refugee and New and Emerging Communities $1.8 million:
  • Training and Skills Development for Ethnic and Multicultural Broadcasters $350,000
  • Development, Content and Production $1 million




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