Advertising Sales and the 4th of July

Selling Radio Direct with Pat Bryson

This weekend my friends in Canada celebrate Canada Day. We, in the U.S. are having our July 4th celebration.

I hope it’s a big one this year! 2020 was hampered by the pandemic. I plan on gathering friends around my pool to eat, drink and thank God for life, liberty and happiness.

2021 is moving on. In most areas of the world, business is returning. People are shopping. Life is returning to some semblance of normal.
If you will forgive my crawling onto my soapbox for a few minutes, I would like to share my deeply-held belief about what we as advertising salespeople do. Why our job is SO important. I once lost a very good young salesperson because his father-in-law “wanted him to get a real job.” Well, what we do IS a real job. It’s a vital job.
After doing training with broadcasters in Kazakhstan in the late 90’s, I returned home with a new perspective on our “mission”. The Soviet Bloc had only recently disintegrated and these broadcasters had private licenses for the first time. They were relatively “free” to broadcast what they wanted – although, if it contained anything critical to the government thugs were likely to show up and smash equipment. Now they had to earn revenue to support their stations.

That’s where I came in. I was supposed to teach them how to sell advertising. The problem was, the economic system was still evolving after 70 years of Soviet rule. Do you know, there was no Russian word for “marketing”? Why did they need one? In a Communistic system, everything is decided by the government. And, having experienced the results of this, they didn’t make wise decisions.

I came back to the U.S. and literally kissed the ground. And, I realized what a vital role we play. In a capitalistic system, someone has an idea for a product or service, builds it, advertises it, sells it, builds more product, advertises it, sells it, etc. The wheels of commerce turn: jobs are created. And the grease on the wheels of commerce is advertising! It’s what we do! It’s delivering a message from a business to a group of consumers through our vehicles: Radio, TV, newspaper, billboards, digital. How quickly businesses invite consumers back into their stores determines in large part how quickly our economy rebounds. Our clients need our help, guidance and expertise.
While you may not be celebrating July 4th in other parts of the world, you could say a prayer of thanks that you work in an industry that plays a vital part in the well-being and future of your country and the world. That’s worth a celebration.

Pat has a New Book



What will broadcast sales look like in the future? What new skills will we need to be successful? How has the world-wide business interruption in 2020 changed how we will do business in the next year

Looking forward to 2021, we need a strategic plan to recover lost revenue for our stations and for our clients. The ideas in this book will help you to develop that plan.
“Successful Broadcast Sales: Thriving in Change” provides a clear, concise roadmap for understanding the world of our clients, accessing those worlds and living in them to create successful campaigns. It explores how we must adapt our sales systems to succeed in an ever-changing business landscape. Knowledge is the key to unlocking success for us and for our clients as the new year arrives.
This book takes a retrospective look at the pandemic of 2o20 and presents a blueprint for adapting to the changes brought about by new ways of doing business. It outlines a way forward to successfully navigate and thrive in change.
Inside you’ll find:
  • A sales system designed to accelerate success for both new recruits and seasoned professionals
  • Understanding the internal motivations that move clients to buy from you
  • New ways to prospect, new categories of business, that will keep your sales pipeline full
  • Questions to uncover what clients are thinking and planning for the next years
  • Presentations designed to craft high-dollar, long-term campaigns
  • Strategies to reduce attrition
  • New ways to hone your creative skills to produce relevant messages for businesses
  • Ways to integrate radio and digital advertising to achieve greater results for clients
  • Wisdom from managers around the world regarding how to manage teams remotely
The ideas in this book will make money for you and for your client! Add it to your sales library today!






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