Afghan Journalists say peace process causes self censorship

Journalists across Afghanistan say that they practice self-censorship because of fears arising about the peace process. Boost News Agency reporter Jawaid Rostapoor says he fears for his ability to write openly if the Taliban come into power. He says that if he writes something critical of the Taliban, then if the Taliban comes into power through the peace process, they might kill him.


“That is why when I see something I know it is fact about the Taliban and its true, but I avoid reporting it and instead I am beating about the bush.”


The Nai Institute, which supports open media in Afghanistan reports Ahmad Hanayesh, who works in the north of Kabul is another journalist who says the same thing. He says this was particularly a point of focus while two French journalists were released from the Taliban’s custody. “The two French Journalists in Kapisa was released by the Taliban and as a result everyone here is saying here that Journalists are financial resource for Taliban. They kidnapped journalists and asked for money for their release. I am sure it is a fact to say the Taliban will come and get you for money.”


Hanayesh says he is now looking over his shoulder and taking care to not say anything which is critical of the Taliban.