AFP raids the ABC headquarters at Ultimo

The Australian Federal Police have raided the ABC newsroom at Ultimo.
Three AFP officers entered the building this morning and were met by ABC security and staff in the lobby before meeting with the broadcaster’s lawyers in a raid that is connected to a 2017 report based on leaked defence documents called The Afghan files.

The story revealed incidents of Australian troops killing unarmed men and children, with the cases being investigated as potential unlawful killings and came from sensitive documents that were marked as “AUSTEO” – Australian eyes only.

Executive Editor ABC News & ABC Head of Investigative Journalism John Lyons live tweeted the raid as it happened, including the morning tea order for the AFP team (15 sandwiches and 12 flat whites) and some of the radio/tv questions being asked by the police officers:

“What’s a Tardis?” one AFP officer said when he saw the word. “It’s like an editing suite,” someone replied.

 This raid comes a day after the home of News Corp journalist, Annika Smethurst, was raided in connection with a 2018 story concerning top secret plans to expand the surveillance of Australian citizens.

The AFP have a warrant that names ABC reporters Dan Oakes and Sam Clark and news director Gaven Morris (see below, as tweeted by John Lyons).

2GB’s Ben Fordham also revealed that he has been contacted by an officer of the Department of Home Affairs after revealing a senior source in Home Affairs told him up to six boats could have recently attempted journeys to Australia from Sri Lanka.

John Lyons talked to 2GB’s Ben Fordham about the raid


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