AFTRS short courses, Andrea Ho shares insights on air checking

In today’s fast-paced, hyper-connected world, radio remains an influential and captivating medium. 

Whether you’re tuning into your traditional stations or new digital platforms, listening in your car or on your phone, radio plays the same vital role to many listeners, regions and communities, acting as their cultural hub, point of information, and daily source of entertainment. And as listeners continue to stream radio online in numbers – 27% of the population to be exact – there are more opportunities than ever before to become the trusted voice listeners hear everyday.

Presenting and producing for radio is your opportunity to connect with millions of Australians and share your unique stories and insights to an engaged audience. 

At AFTRS, a range of short courses are availible to help both experienced radio professionals continue to improve their craft and aspiring broadcasters begin their on-air journey. 

The AFTRS practitioners bring years of experience to teach students real-world skills and techniques through practical tasks that mimic the industry, helping create valuable content and broadcast at the highest quality.

Radio short cources provided this month include:

  1. TV & Radio Presenting Intensive: This five-day, on-campus intensive will equip students with the skills needed to start their broadcasting journey. Students learn how to present from the ground up and develop a unique on-air personality. Starts Monday, July 10.
  2. Radio Fundamentals: Learn from veteran radio presenter Kristian McKenna and dive into the art of content creation, interview techniques, producing and building shows. Starts online Thursday, July 20.
  3. Voice Over Fundamentals: Step into AFTRS to look into one of the most exciting fields in radio and TV. Gain insights into professional vocal technique, interpreting and delivering scripts, and incorporating producer feedback through a series of practical exercises. Starts Thursday, July 20.

Those interested can also catch AFTRS Discipline Lead of Radio and Podcasting, Andrea Ho, sharing her insights on air checking and managing presenters online at 3PM today. Join the free CBAA Webinar here.

Finally, the AFTRS 2024 Graduate Diploma in Radio and Podcasting is open for applications. This comprehensive, hands-on program covers all aspects of radio, podcasting and live broadcasts, with flexible study options allowing the option to study online or on-campus.

What’s On in July?

Intro to Producing & Screen Business | July 6 (on campus)

Brief to Script to Great Video | July 12 (online)

Intro to Volume Studio Basics | July 15 (on campus)

Lighting Intensive | July 17 (on campus)

Videomaking Intensive: Shoot, Edit, Publish | July 24 (on campus)

Presentation Skills | July 25 (online)

Find the full list of AFTRS short courses here.

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