AI Radio is knocking on your door….will you answer it?

By Dave Charles, CEO or Media RESULTS Inc.

I find myself asking ChatGPT questions every single day.  You should log in and try it.

Futuri creators of RadioGPT are the AI Radio leaders at the moment.  I’ll catch up to CEO Daniel Anstandig and his team at RadioDays North America June 8th and 9th in Toronto.

I’ve talked to many broadcast owners and Managers who are looking right now to augment their programming with Radio AI.

When ask them why, here’s some of the responses I get.

  • Most announcers tend to be lazy and not work at their show prep.
  • My weekends are lame.  Not enough real information to make my stations a ‘go to’ place.
  • Someone needs to gather in my social media responses.  We’re doing a terrible job at keeping those connections.
  • AI Radio gives me a level of reliability like never before.
  • AI Radio doesn’t take time off work and go ‘walk about’.
  • The AI Radio voices need some work.  Aussie accents have to be authentic mate!
  • I hope RadioGPT is affordable.  I need to improve my night and over night shows.
  • I don’t care about whether it’s a live or VT announcer but I do care that an AI voice will deliver what my audience wants.
  • Never going to have FAKE AI voices on my station.  That’s what will kill radio’s main attribute.  Being live.

Here’s what I ask RadioGPT today about this.

Will RadioGPT replace live radio announcers?


It’s unlikely that RadioGPT or any other AI-based language model will completely replace live radio announcers anytime soon. While AI has made significant progress in natural language processing, there are still many areas where it falls short when compared to human announcers.

Live radio announcers bring a human touch to their work that AI cannot replicate. They have the ability to connect with listeners on an emotional level, using tone of voice, pacing, and other subtle nuances to convey meaning and emotion. They also have the ability to adapt to unexpected events, such as breaking news or technical issues, in a way that AI cannot.

However, AI-based language models like RadioGPT can certainly complement live radio announcers by providing assistance with tasks like generating scripts or producing pre-recorded segments. In this way, AI can help to streamline the production process and free up announcers to focus on the aspects of their job that require human skills.

Overall, it’s likely that AI will continue to play an increasing role in the radio industry, but it’s unlikely that it will replace human announcers entirely.

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