AirCheck Top 20 Most Played Songs of 2021 in NZ

‘All She Wrote’ by local artist SIX60 was the most played song on New Zealand radio in 2021.

 AirCheck™ released the figures showing ‘All She Wrote’ in the top spot with 22,142 spins.

The smash hit, released in February, received its first spin of the year just after midnight on 26 February on The Edge. Since then, the release garnered airplay across New Zealand radio stations with ZM playing the track more than any other station monitored by AirCheck, with 26% of the year’s airplay.

SIX60 also holds third position with ‘Fade Away’ having 20891 spins and has a total of 5 tracks, including an appearance with Drax Project, in the Top 100.

Another local act, LAB, also appears in the chart four times with their highest position at number 4 with ‘Why Oh Why’ with 20813 spins. Kiwi music makes up half of the Top 10 songs while 26% of the Top 100 is also local.

Max Davies, Managing Director of RCS NZ said “It is hugely encouraging to see that over a quarter of all airplay is local. Our industry clearly recognises the extraordinary talent of New Zealand artists, and these figures reflect the level of support”

Of the overseas artists, New York indie pop trio AJR are at number 2, with 21589 spins, for their song ‘Bang’

Overall, Justin Beiber earned seven entries, including collaborations with others, into the Top 100. His highest position was at number six with ‘Anyone’.

UK artist Dua Lipa appeared in the chart five times with ‘Levitating’ being the highest at number thirteen.


Universal held the greatest slice of the Top 100 record label share at 32%, followed by Sony (28%), Independent (21%), Warner (16%) and EMI (3%).

AirCheck is the Leader in Local Radio Monitoring in New Zealand, and uses patented technology to provide the most accurate, near real-time checks of airplay of songs and commercials on more than 90 commercial radio stations 24/7 in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin.

 About AirCheck

AirCheck is the New Zealand’s leading radio monitoring and verification service. AirCheck uses patented technology to match audio to fingerprints of thousands of commercials and songs every day and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of RCS. Subscribers to AirCheck include the major radio networks, major and independent record companies, media investment companies, print media, advertisers and their media agencies. AirCheck is protected by U.S. Patent 5,437,050.