Alan Jones to make Q&A debut tonight.

Sir David Attenborough in one of his wildlife documentaries might have described Alan Jones and the ABC as natural enemies. 

But if Mr Jones were a leopard, he’d seem to be changing his spots.

In a move few people expected, he turned on a conservative government in Queensland and hounded them out of office.

Last week, this prompted Media Watch, which could normally be relied upon to lambast Jones at every opportunity, to instead praise him.

“We’re no fans of Jones’s partisan style,” Media Watch presenter Paul Barry told his audience. “But his crusade was more than a power play or personal vendetta.

“He was demanding accountable and transparent government.

“And that’s something all of us in the media must pursue – no matter who is in power.” 

And tonight (Monday) Alan Jones will appear as a guest on the ABC’s Q&A. Sources say they’ve been asking him to come on for ages. Now he has finally accepted, adding to a growing list of hitherto uncharacteristic things he has done or positions that he has taken on a number of causes of late.

In recent times he has railed against mining companies as a passionate advocate against coal seam gas extraction through “fracking.” 

He has campaigned for the legalisation of medical marijuana and earned the praise of another natural critic, Peter Fitzsimmons for “speaking out strongly on the outrage that 42 of the 71 countries competing at the Commonwealth Games still have in the 21st century discriminatory laws against the lesbian gay bisexual transgender community, including LGBT athletes.”

With the vote taken on the Liberal party leadership this morning, Q & A with Alan Jones will make for compelling viewing tonight.

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