Alan Jones is set to re-sign with 2GB

The Australian is reporting this morning that Alan Jones is set to sign a 2-year deal with Macquarie Media following months of speculation on the broadcaster’s future.
Macquarie could have a signature on a contract as early as this week allowing Jones to remain at 2GB until he turns 80.
According to the Australian, Macquarie Chairman Russell Tate and shareholder John Singleton, have both intervened in negotiations to get the contract over the line.
Once Jones’ signature is on the new contract, Singo will be in a position to sell his 32% stake in Macquarie to media giant Nine for close to $100 million.
Recent negotiations between Bill Caralis and Alan Jones have cooled leaving the door open for Macquarie Media to re-sign.
The next point of interest will be any conditions attached to the contract and succession planning for his show assuming that Jones pulls the pin at 80.



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